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TRANSIENT TIME TRAVELLER is a new-adult fantasy novel about passionate historians, royal heirs, and mischievous time meddlers. The story follows Aida, a time traveller who’s greatly interested in dead queens, and Lorian, a genderfluid, runaway princess who wants to become an officer and serve her country. The story starts when the two meet up on happenstance and they accidentally run into their mysterious and mischievous future selves who’re seemingly bent on teasing their past lives.

Trigger Warnings:

Without greatly spoiling the main issues within the story, TRANSIENT TIME TRAVELLER addresses:

  • profanity
  • substance abuse
  • sexual content
  • child abuse
  • PTSD from childhood trauma
  • slight transphobia
  • slight violence

If you do not feel comfortable with any and all of these themes, please do not read the novel.

Now, without further ado!