THE AFFINITY BETWEEN US is part of a 4-book saga about Deities, soulmates, and destruction.

The first novel, THE AFFINITY BETWEEN US, follows three main protagonists:

Kevin: a shy boy who’s been thrown into the hands of the government over the alleged murder of his twin over their world’s edge.

Nikki: an emotionally-distant, curious girl who needs answers on both of her siblings’ sudden disappearances.

Derek: a fun-loving person who awakes on a distant shore with no memories and expectations to rid this strange, new world of a demonic race.

From the birth of three siblings, powerful and belligerent Deities who haven’t yet died stir from their 500-year slumber and are devotedly pissed the fuck off.

Trigger Warnings:

Without greatly spoiling the main issues within the story, from most on-page time to least, THE AFFINITY BETWEEN US contains:

  • Unhealthy codependency from childhood trauma
  • Vomiting
  • Forced hospitalization/incarceration
  • PTSD
  • Specism(racism)
  • Mind control/body snatching
  • Religious trauma involving sexuality and gender
  • Murder
  • Genocide
  • Plague/plague survivors
  • Self harm
  • grooming of a child
  • childhood homelessness
  • Sexual assault of a minor (mentioned, not shown)
  • Forced drug intake

If you do not feel comfortable with these themes, please do not read the novel.

Now, without further ado!