Chapter 20: Translation

They thought they’d read Avery right. Even though they were covered in dirt, even if they didn’t have magical abilities like their Moeder, they thought she still liked them for them. They’d been wrong. Although, as they sat on her bedroom floor, tracing designs into the “carpet,” they didn’t believe that as much anymore. AfterContinue reading “Chapter 20: Translation”

Chapter 19: Sleepover

“Avery,” Cameron said, relieved. “You’re really here.” She didn’t believe that. As soon as she saw them standing there, she thought she was still half-asleep. She hadn’t showered yet. She was wearing a throw-away band t-shirt from sixth grade. How much worse could this nightmare have gotten? She hadn’t even prepped her parents on meetingContinue reading “Chapter 19: Sleepover”

Chapter 18: The Autre World

No wonder Avery wore so many layers when she came to visit. They hadn’t even touched the surface yet and their teeth were chattering. When they pushed the boulder out of the way, they collapsed outside the Main Exit Tunnle panting out cold breath. Avery made it look easy, but the rock weighed almost asContinue reading “Chapter 18: The Autre World”

Chapter 17: Cameron’s Reading

Cameron lay in bed, staring at Avery’s phone, holding their stomach in pain. They would’ve blamed the throbbing on hunger—they hadn’t eaten all day—but they knew why they felt so awful. Every time they closed their eyes, they saw Avery yelling at them for their misdoings. They’d tried to explain themselves, but it hadn’t beenContinue reading “Chapter 17: Cameron’s Reading”

Chapter 16 : New Year

She’d planned on spending her birthday with them. She’d planned on having two Christmas parties, one with her family around their fake tree and honeyed ham, one with Cameron, celebrating whatever harvest or winter solstice they believed in. Maybe they didn’t believe in anything and continued on into the new year without flair. She neverContinue reading “Chapter 16 : New Year”

Chapter 14: Runaway

Avery always wondered what passing out felt like. She’d seen movies where people lost consciousness, and whenever she presented in class, she dreaded the lightheadedness that foreshadowed the tumble. She didn’t even remember it happening, but when she awoke, she couldn’t breathe, and the memories of the cave-in buried her. She was still alive—she hadContinue reading “Chapter 14: Runaway”

Chapter 13: Cameron’s Choice

What should’ve been a fifteen-minute sprint back into Arkeh:na stretched out into a half-hour slog. The cave-in had destroyed the quickest route back into Arkeh:na’s main levels. The main tunnles, buried. The shortcuts, destroyed. It kept Cameron in the dark about the Community’s safety and lessened Avery’s chance of being saved. They felt more brokenContinue reading “Chapter 13: Cameron’s Choice”

Chapter 12: The Oak Tree

“You say it like this,” Avery said to Basil, then added a whole bunch of complex English words that Cameron didn’t understand. They all sat together in the Centrum that day, they, Avery, Basil, and Maywood. Maywood had gotten out of work early with Basil, and Cameron had just finished up scouring through the tunnlesContinue reading “Chapter 12: The Oak Tree”