Chapter 29: Hospital Visit

Cameron had never seen such alien Autreans before. They came at them like demons, wearing heavy armor and glossy masks. One tried to touch Grandmoeder Nai, but Basil stepped in front of her to protect her. Not understanding Arkeh:nen customs, they backed off and let Avery take charge. She stayed with Cameron the entire way,Continue reading “Chapter 29: Hospital Visit”

Chapter 27: A Change of Heart

Their world trembled beneath them, a fearful animal too scared to move. Even when it stopped, Cameron’s dirty hands continued to shake. They were a part of this destruction. They shouldered its pain. They didn’t move straight away. One because they didn’t want to risk hitting their head. They couldn’t see very well and couldn’tContinue reading “Chapter 27: A Change of Heart”

Chapter 25: Arkeh:na’s Decision

Cameron knew Avery had reshaped the Grandmoeders’ hearts when Grandmoeder Nai gained a twinkle in her eye. It took a lot to persuade her into doing anything she didn’t want to do, but Cameron saw it, and so did Grandmoeder Geneva. Geneva was the final call, the decision maker, and Avery had sold her onContinue reading “Chapter 25: Arkeh:na’s Decision”

Chapter 24: Out of Your Comfort Zone

Cameron’s kisses could only quiet Avery for so long. “You can’t live your whole life in these caves. Look at what it’s doing to your body.” “But I’m fine. This’s normal.” “You puked three times last night! Do you know how many times I’ve puked this year? Not once. The last time was when IContinue reading “Chapter 24: Out of Your Comfort Zone”