Chapter 4: Moeder Ellinor

Cameron tried their hardest not to cough in front of the girl. The chase had left them exhausted. To keep her from noticing and to stop her from crying, they’d given her one of their necklaces to wear. Parting from personal gemmes always stung, but they’d worked their wonderful magic yet again. She’d stop crying.Continue reading “Chapter 4: Moeder Ellinor”

Chapter 2: The Autrean

Cameron sat stunned in the Main Exit Tunnle. They should’ve never come here. They’d tried to read their fortune before they left, but their gemmes hadn’t warned them that they’d run into trouble, much less an Autrean. Said Autrean continued staring at them, shining that frightful light in their face. She’d finally placed it downContinue reading “Chapter 2: The Autrean”