Black Kitten is a new-adult romance novel about New York’s growing mafia influence and its coinciding gay bars. The story follows Vincenzo, a powerful trans mafia man who’s hesitant on showing love, and Sylvia, a defeatist trans woman who works at one of his gay bars in Harlem. Together, the two of them try to stay together while their worlds refuse to accept their love.


Trigger Warnings:

Unlike my 2018 middle-grade novel, The Caves of Arkeh:na, Black Kitten deals with many adult themes that may not be suitable for every reader. Without greatly spoiling the main issues within the story, Black Kitten addresses:

  • violence
  • profanity
  • racism
  • sexual content
  • mentions of past child abuse
  • PTSD from childhood trauma & war
  • mentions of past self-harm
  • homophobia/transphobia
  • gender dysphoria

If you do not feel comfortable with any and all of these themes, please do not read the novel.

Now, without further ado!

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