Arkehna's Cover

Avery’s just lost her childhood friend after telling her her most guarded secret and is about to enter high school without a single friend. Lost, she explores the uncharted caves behind her Adirondack cabin in search of purpose. When a rock gives way and she gets stuck in a dark crevasse, she thinks she’s a goner. Then a mysterious savior comes to her rescue.

Their name is Cameron, and they, along with their beloved Community, have been hiding in these caves ever since their ancestors carved them out in the late-1600s. These people are spiritually connected to gemstones and the Earth, and Cameron’s mother is the most gifted when it comes to harnessing this ability. After thirteen years of desperate trying, Cameron’s come to the unfortunate conclusion that they’re not only magic-less, they’re also a jinx who causes frequent and disastrous cave-ins.

As Avery and Cameron learn more about each other’s confusing worlds, they try to come out to each other about their personal issues, a challenge that, to them, is too terrifying to touch.

Trigger Warnings:

  • experience of anxiety + depression
  • misgendering of a nonbinary character
  • racism + colorism

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