Chapter 15: Restless

A baby was born on the second layer of the southern dens. They heard it was a girl and that she was very healthy despite the midwife’s concerns. Her Moeder was a psychic, so the birth made the Community very happy for the potential psychic in the making.

Basil and Maywood visited Cameron every day. First three times a day, then twice, then once in the morning. Claire did, too, and so did their neighbors. Claire brought them honey, their neighbors, a basket of apples. Maywood brought them cooked squirrel and fresh drinking water. When Cameron wouldn’t eat, Basil gave them some of his gemmes, trying anything to get them out of bed. Cameron returned everything they could until their growling stomach hurt.

“Please,” Maywood said, handing them a bucket of water. “At least wash your face.”

For her, they did, but they didn’t know why. They weren’t going out to see anyone. They didn’t want to. They didn’t deserve to.

“Oh, enough with the Community already!”

Was it wrong for them to always put their family over themselves? Were they always like that, enough so that Avery had gotten fed up with them and their beliefs?

They hid themselves underneath their pelt.

“Oh, enough with the Community already!”

Ever since she left, they’d been holding onto her fone. Basil had told them not to open it too often or else the “battery” would run out. They didn’t—they didn’t want to lose their sight. They simply held onto it, hoping for it to vibrate and magically connect them to Avery. They wanted one word from her, just one. Anything to spark up a conversation with her.

It never rang.


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